HOOHA is basic on Hongkong,factory is located in Dongguan, we are focusing on in-depth cooperation with Chinese leading manufacturers to provide advanced wire&cable solutions.

Now we are continuously updating our technology, making great effort to keep improving our design level and R & D strength to provide customers with more superior cable solutions.

Our aim:

To be a world-class supplier providing wire & cable manufacturing and using solution.

Our vision:

To make wire & cable manufacturing and using more humanized.

Our target:

More professional customer service, struggle for employee's dreams. 

Focus On Wire Making And Cable Using Solution.

To Be Expert Team In The Wire And Cable Industry, Guide Your Investment, Making Money Faster

Walk into HOOHA

The origin of our name 'HOOHA'


"HOOHA" is an mimetic word derived from the Maori war dance, conveying the vigor and energy to the soldiers before they go to the battlefield. With this inspiration, HOOHA team are always being encouraged to serve our customers with full passion and high sense of responsibility.

HOOHA is devoting ourselves to promote this passionate spirit and earnest attitude, hoping to encourage everyone worldwide while bringing our products to the whole world.

The meaning of our logo


Our logo is a windmill pattern, which symbolizes HOOHA's vibrant and dynamic spirit. Windmill is good at converting wind energy to kinetic energy, which is similar to HOOHA converting our equipment kinetic energy to our customers’ sustainable development energy. 

What can HOOHA provide


1.Professional and customized wire and cable solutions

2.Suggestions and guidance of the overall cable factory operation

3.Overseas on-site installation and operation instruction

4.Cost accounting service of raw materials and accessories

5.Cost accounting service of overall production operation




6.Talent delivery and training service

7.Lifetime after-sales online consultation service

8.Maintenance, reconstruction and upgrade services of the overall equipment

9.Additional support, such as raw material or accessories supply and suggestions, etc.

Why choose us


HOOHA provides a series of solutions in wire and cable field to help promote improvement of our customers’ business. we not only provide equipment and solutions, but also focus on offering high-quality service such as free layout design of cable factory, overseas installation guidance, operation training and so on.

The history of HOOHA

Business License

Our Staff

Our Exhibition

Our Engineers

We have provided professional wire and cable solution for more than 100 customers around the world.

THe Main Markets Are As Follow


1.Southeast Asia   (eg:Indonesian customer Pt sinarmonas industries)

2.South Asia         (eg:Indian customer ESSEM Srinisons Systems Pvt Ltd.)

3.East Asia            (eg:Japanese customer KDK Electric wire Co.,Ltd.)

4.North America    (eg:American customer General technologies, Inc.)

5.South America   (eg:Brazilian customer Fibracem Teleinformatica Ltda)

6.Eastern Europe  (eg:Ukrainian customer Deep Networks Group)

7.Africa                  (eg:Angola customer W-VOA-fabrica de cabos de angola,lda.)

8.The Middle East (eg:Dubai customers Power Plus Cable Co., L.L.C.), etc.